Quality is defined as the degree of excellence of something. The goal of quality assurance is to reassure a client about the quality of a company's product or service.

How is quality assured or quantified in this industry where more often than not, clients do not understand either the source text or the target text?
At French Translation Services we place the emphasis on our inputs – in other words – on the calibre of the translator. The more qualified and experienced a translator is, the higher the level of accuracy.

In the field of translation, quality is above all about accuracy, but it is also about the translator’s grasp of the source text.

A skilled translator goes beyond the mere act of translating, taking into account cultural nuances, style, colloquialisms and tone to render a quality translation.

In order to uphold this commitment to quality:
  • Our translators are, without exception, qualified native-speakers (in possession of a translation degree or diploma).
  • Our translators have, without exception, a minimum of 10 years’ experience.
  • We implement a system of independent proofreading at the conclusion of the translation process as part of our quality checks.