Our approach is focused, our skill-set comprehensive and our service professional. We base our success on seamless client relationships and exceptional service delivery.

  • Clients submit a document in a reliable and editable format.

  • Any document submitted in a non-editable format (requiring us to generate a new document) will be subject to a 15% surcharge to cover the time required to mirror the style and format of the original.
  • We submit a quotation (based on the word count in the source text) as well as an estimated delivery date.
  • Upon completion of the translation process, the document is submitted for independent proofreading.

  • The final document is submitted to the client and payment is due upon presentation of the invoice.
As a general guideline, a good translator will be able to cover between 1 500 and 2 000 words per day. This output is however dependent upon the complexity of the material and the amount of research required.

It is optimal from the point of view of consistency in style and terminology, as well as from a cost point of view, to use one translator per project.

Projects that are more time-sensitive requiring faster turnaround times are handled by a team of two or more translators depending on the volumes and the time constraints. This option attracts a higher rate, but the time frame is significantly reduced.

We are dedicated to meeting delivery deadlines provided the quality of the translation is not compromised upon. In the case of unavoidable urgent work, an express order surcharge of 25% is levied. Whether or not a job qualifies as an express order is determined at the quotation stage and is based upon the scope of the project as well as the deadline requirements as agreed upon by both parties. Please note that no translation performed under unrealistic time constraints can ever be quite as good or as accurate, despite the best intentions. We therefore request clients to afford us the most reasonable lead times possible to complete a project.
As part of our quality checks, each document translated by French Translation Services undergoes independent proofreading by one of our linguists. Documents intended for print are submitted for additional proofreading, the costs of which are discussed with the client upfront.